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Welcome to GameSpy Rangers

Welcome to the clan, Welcome to your future

We are more than just a clan. We're building the Community. If you like what you see and you enjoy the services we provide then please contribute to the cause. Donate ----------------------------->

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{GSR} Community Support


General Notification Happy New Year 2014!

Stay Safe and we hope to see you all in 2014.
  Posted by RollinDeath on Wednesday, January 01 @ 00:30:51 CST (1427 reads)
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General Notification {GSR} GameSpy Rangers 9th Birthday

It has been 9 years since the creation of our website. We would like to think everyone who along the years has been a part of the ups and downs that such gaming communities go through over time. All in all we still stand with one golden phase that was created prior to the clan and will forever ring true in our eyes..... "I will survive". Globally we have done just that and achieved so much more.
  Posted by RollinDeath on Friday, March 22 @ 21:15:12 CDT (1569 reads)
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General Notification Happy New Year 2013

We wish you all a safe and joyful New Year's Celebration. Bring in the new year with a bang and arrive safe from your journey this evening.


Bring on the next best year 2013!

  Posted by RollinDeath on Monday, December 31 @ 20:06:20 CST (1448 reads)
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Day of Defeat {GSR} *|* Public Assault *|* Ranks #1 in the World

According to we are ranked #5 in the world. We all know that the China servers are outdated versions of Day of Defeat so that ranks us #1 most Played server in the world. Thank you all for the dedication to the new server and the great games that you all bring.

22 Days after launch with 40,000 connections and 1,288 players rank out of 5,443 total Steam ID#
  Posted by RollinDeath on Wednesday, December 26 @ 13:56:30 CST (1595 reads)
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General Notification Merry Christmas 2012

We here at {GSR} wish you all the very happiest of holidays. May your Christmas be blessed with fine food, gifts, and memories for years to come.
  Posted by RollinDeath on Tuesday, December 25 @ 16:25:22 CST (1511 reads)
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Day of Defeat {GSR} *|* Public Assault *|* Ranks #1 USA Day of Defeat Server

PA reaches #1 most active DOD server in the USA after only 16 days in operation. This is a sign that our server still holds attraction to the gaming community. However, this is also a greater sign of the lack of players in the ever aging world of Day of Defeat.

Thank you all for bringing us to the top servers ranks in such a short time spawn.
  Posted by RollinDeath on Thursday, December 20 @ 19:21:01 CST (1518 reads)
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Day of Defeat Announcing {GSR} Affiliated Severs

Due to the years of game play with Day of Defeat we find that the servers over all are coming to a lower amount of players than in the past. {GSR} user to host two top 10 Most Active Servers in the world and as time has passed we have slowly reduced the amount of funding towards this great game. However, as {GSR} still promotes Day of Defeat and the gaming communities we figured it is time to extend our services to Affiliated Servers. At this moment our Affiliated Server Program is still in the birth of conception. As the Affiliated Server Program matures we hope to find more communities willing to participate in our Affiliated Servers Program.

In the event that B2B has filled all 30 accessible slots, any new players connecting shall be redirected through our Affiliated Server Program to another Community's Day of Defeat Server. If, while the server maintains 30 players, an administrator of the Buds2Brew Server, Or one of our Reserved Slot VIP Members connects to B2B, 1 player shall be redirected to another communities Day of Defeat Server which is apart of our Affiliated Server Program.

The Affiliated Server Program can be rented for $10 per month or the community with the most active amount of clan members playing on {GSR} Buds2Brew will qualify for a promotional week of {GSR} Affiliated Server Program.
  Posted by RollinDeath on Saturday, September 08 @ 23:43:50 CDT (1678 reads)
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Day of Defeat {GSR} Buds2Brew #1 Most Active DOD Server In The World!

That is right folks, you have achieved the world heavy weight title for {GSR} Buds2Brew Day of Defeat Server. Thank you all so much for the dedication to our great server. It has some problems but you people always over look the small stuff and hit the big game.

Steam recently updated HLDS, which has crippled some servers. Thanks to the staffing team here none of us went without a servers. However Steam did accomplish our team working longer hours to get services back online. So if you know some good servers out there and they are off the grid..... tell them to update their servers because we like to see great DOD servers out there holding their own.

Give a shout out on this wonderful day.

  Posted by RollinDeath on Saturday, August 11 @ 07:32:08 CDT (1608 reads)
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PHP-Nuke Forums updated to phpBB version 3.0.10

Hey we just upgraded our forums. Let us know if you find any issues along your viewing of our forums.
  Posted by RollinDeath on Sunday, July 08 @ 14:38:10 CDT (3311 reads)
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Day of Defeat B2B welcome back to #1 server in the USA

It is official buds2brew is the #1 server in the USA. Thank you all who helped to gain our ranks back.

Now, are we going for the gold? There is only 1 server in Europe that out ranks us. Oh yea only 1 server in the world that competes for worlds most active protocol 48 dod server. I was looking at those Chinese servers that we just can not beat. What did I find? They run an older version of dod.... Woohoo that means they are not even in the running for world dominations. that also mean we carried #1 more often I i thought in the past years.

So that being stated, congrats to The Leftovers who currently hold the #1 most active dod server in the world. We are back and gunning for your title.
  Posted by RollinDeath on Tuesday, June 26 @ 04:27:34 CDT (2469 reads)
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